Celebrate World Environment Day with Océglōw

Celebrate World Environment Day with Océglōw

Did you know that you’re less likely to have a negative or allergic reaction if you’re using eco-friendly skincare products? You can definitely rely on nature's blessings to show the glow on your skin! 

Here are a few other advantages of using environmentally friendly products:

Earth Friendly: These products not only protect your skin but also come with a promise to save the planet.

No irritation & redness: Infused with the goodness of nature, these products are less prone to causing skin irritation and redness.

Animal-friendly: They're good for you and haven't been tested on your furry friends.

The biggest challenge we face every day is looking our best without harming the environment. It is very important to maintain a good diet for healthy skin, but assessing the skin care regime in terms of the products we use is also imperative. Whether you have sensitive skin or not, Océglōw’s products can be super beneficial for your skin.

Here are a few other eco-friendly skincare trends to look out for:

Multipurpose Beauty Products:

An easy and effective way to maximize sustainability is by minimizing your beauty cabinet, which means ceasing the use of unnecessary beauty products and switching to multipurpose products. Even Korean beauty revolves around the formula of “less is more”. Products like Water Cream and Intense Hydration Cream Cleanser are highly efficacious.  

Natural Ingredients 

Natural ingredients are free from toxins and are derived from plants and water. Therefore, do not expect any hindrance to the environment, food chain, or waterways. The Luminous Bright Eyes is a decadent eye treatment containing a natural emulsifier that intensely hydrates the skin and eradicates visible dark circles and puffiness for a youthful look.

Reusable Products:

Avoiding single-use products is a step towards protecting the environment. To exemplify, cotton wool pads can be replaced with washable cotton cloth cleansing pads.

Avoid certain ingredients. 

You must avoid the use of chemicals like paraben and sulphate in your routine as they’re not only harmful to your skin but they’re also toxic to the aquatic ecosystems. 

At Océglōw we make sure to formulate products that are PETA-certified and free from parabens, petroleum, suphates, phthalates, and even gluten. 

The beauty industry is ever-evolving, so make sure to choose products that address different issues and are environmentally friendly at the same time. 

It’s finally time to ditch those toxic animal testing products and go eco-friendly!