Steal these K-Beauty tips from your favorite Netflix characters from Lady Whistledown’s K-Beauty journals

Steal these K-Beauty tips from your favorite Netflix characters from Lady Whistledown’s K-Beauty journals

Bridgerton returned, and so did the lady who knows everything, Lady Whistledown. (Yes, we know we are a little late to the party, but it is no biggie). This time she is back with her historical K-beauty journals to spill the beans on your favourite Netflix characters’ K-Beauty secrets, so brace yourself to know the deets 🤫

If you're into skincare trends, you know it's almost hard to overlook the fact that Korean Beauty (also known as K-Beauty) is incredibly effective and is now ruling the business.

Koreans have without a doubt the most promising skincare regimen, and K Beauty is even featured in some of the most popular Netflix series. These items are based on the Korean beauty concept, which emphasises consistency and commitment. Well, in our opinion, what separates these products from beauty products all around the world is that they stay for the long haul.
Here are a few K-Beauty tips inspired by your favorite Netflix characters from Lady Whistledown’s journal of secrets:

Get a glowing skin like Bridgerton’s Kate Sharma ✨
Simone Ashley, aka Kate Sharma, does have a youthful glow to her skin that you can't help but admire. Get a plump and subtle skin just like her with Océglōw’s Glow Serum,  for it has the  brightening and moisturizing ingredients that totally work like magic on your skin

Grace and Frankie swear by the Luminous Bright Eyes 
For as long as anyone can remember, Grace and Frankie have been bickering about everything under the sun. However, there’s one thing that the duo agrees on, that is Ocèglōw’s Luminous Bright Eyes. Awaken your eyes and relish the smoothness under your eyes just like this twosome with this Korean formula for dark circles and puffy eyes.

Take your Makeup off the Anna Delvey Style 
While we have all wondered how Anna Dlevey does it in "Inventing Anna", despite our best efforts, we didn't land anywhere. Well, you needn’t worry anymore as Lady Whistledown is here with her secret to get every last bit off. Oceglow’s Intense Hydration Cream Cleanser is Anna Dlevey’s secret to transform back into Julia Garner. Get your hands on this amazing cleanser because good skin begins with a good cleanser, and that’s surely not a secret!

Shine like the ‘Twenty-Five, Twenty-One Star’ ⭐️
Shine like the ‘Twenty-Five, Twenty-One Star’ ⭐️

The 31-year-old Kim Tae Ri, renowned for her baby-faced beauty, effortlessly pulls off a teenage role in the popular show. Well, one of her top secrets to beauty is "Less is More," and with it, her skin is as supple as when she was only 17. Nevertheless, scrutinizing the ingredients is the most important part of choosing the right skincare products for your skin. Océglōw’s Water Cream is infused with Green Tea and Bamboo Water, which moisturizes the skin and combats the signs of aging, rendering that baby-like glow!

Natural Glow over Glass Skin
Natural glow and embracing one’s own skin are the most important Korean beauty trends in the Wise Lady’s journal. But instead of yearning for glass skin, folks should be comfortable in their own skin.

Consistency for visibility 
Skincare lovers may also know the importance of maintaining a skincare routine. Come what may, you don’t skip your skincare!

TAP TAP for the Glow to Flow! 
It is a Korean beauty philosophy that gently patting products into the skin helps the products sink deeper into the skin and increases the blood flow, thereby increasing the glow.

Don’t forget the neck 
Giving your face and neck the same treatment is as important as choosing the right skincare products. A radiant face with a dull neck won’t attract any attention, so do apply a few drops of Océglōw’s Glow Serum and Océglōw’s Water Cream to your neck as well.