The new term in skin-town “Glass Skin” and how to get it

Once upon a time, French skincare formulae were thought to be the pinnacle of skin care. While French companies continue to dominate the luxury skincare market, the past few years have been all about clean, affordable and accessible brands. Korean skincare, which combines all three of these qualities, has since become the go-to skincare solution for those seeking radiant skin that isn't difficult to achieve. With its groundbreaking formulations, surprising ingredients, and flatlay-ready packaging, it got us obsessed with sheet masks and introduced us to bee venom and snail mucin as real skin-care solutions. These Korean secrets to radiant skin are now widely known and commonly used.

In case you haven’t heard, there is a new term circling the skin-care biz that originated in the land of fabulous skin: Glass Skin.

What is Glass Skin?

Glass skin is used to describe exceptionally smooth, even-toned, and lustrous skin that’s so flawless it appears to be made of glass. Much like its predecessors, "honey" and "dewy" skin, glass skin is essentially intensely moisturized skin that gives off an almost transparent complexion and a very youthful, lit-from-within glow.

How to Achieve Glass Skin?

You must follow a specific routine to get glass skin. One product can not do the trick. It’s a multi-dimensional approach involving adding a lot of water to your skin so that it seeps below the surface and gives you a moist and lustrous appearance. The other requirement is that your skin should look both plump due to its good health and firm to appear young.

Consistency is crucial here, as it is with any skin-care goal. A cleanser, toner, serum, exfoliator, and hydrating moisturiser should all be part of your daily routine, which you must stick to. And since the goal is to look glassy, your products should be formulated with water as the basis. Hyaluronic acid and glycerin should be your go-to. And the more layers of these water-based products you apply, the closer you will be to glass skin.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1.   Cleanse Well: If you want your skin to take in the nutrients you’re feeding it, you have to start afresh. Not just every morning, but especially before you go to bed. Your face collects dirt and grime all day, and of course, every ounce of your make-up from the day needs to go. To achieve this while hydrating, we recommend using a cream cleanser. The Océglōw Intense Hydration Cream Cleanser is a perfect fit. 

  2.   Tone and Treat with a Serum: Usually, these are two different steps, but with the Océglōw Glow Serum’s two-in-one technique, you can check these off in one go. This K-Beauty staple has moisture enhancing ingredients like algae and glycerin that hydrate the sin and allow for a clean base that will absorb other products better. Not to forget that it also helps your skin look younger through its firming and pore minimizing abilities. The ceramides in it are the go-to ingredient to achieve the plump skin you desire.

  3.   Moisturize Thoroughly: We all know that the hydration a moisturizer can provide is unmatched, but what you’re really looking for when you want a glassy look is a water-based cream. The Océglōw Water Cream is a bestseller because of its light formulation and guaranteed ability to hold moisture inside your skin.

  4.   Don’t forget your Eye Cream: What’s the point of translucent skin if your eyes are puffy or have bags under-eyes? Nourish your eye area and make it look luminous with Océglōw’s Luminous Bright Eyes. Your beaming eyes will be proud of you!