Two Must-Have Products in Your Daily Skincare Regime in 2020

Two Must-Have Products in Your Daily Skincare Regime in 2020

Did you know that the use of cosmetics and beauty rituals dates back to as long ago as 6,000 years? That’s right. Ancient Egyptians used skincare products such as castor, sesame, moringa oils, honey and milk masks, dead sea salts and more for enhancing their beauty and protecting themselves against sun damage and insects. 

Over the millennia, skincare products changed and the emphasis on skincare has only grown. The sad part, however, is that from natural products, we have shifted to more and more chemical-based products. From using zinc oxide for skin lightening in the 1800s to products laced with parabens and sulphates in the 20th century, humankind, especially women, have been misled into buying products with low effectiveness and terrible short-term and long-term side effects. 

But hey, we are in the 21st century now, and thanks to more information, we are more conscious of what we should be using on our skin. This enhanced awareness is the first requisite for transforming one’s skincare routine. 

Oceglow’s products have their grounding in the philosophy that attributes such as even skin tone, consistent texture, suppleness and radiance are the signs of healthy skin, and nature has the secrets to attain these attributes. After thorough research, we have developed two effective, clean cosmetics – the Oceglow Water Cream and the Oceglow Glow Serum, which should be a part of everyone’s skincare routine.

Mindful of the negative effects of chemicals, we have gone to great lengths to create organic, natural skincare products with earth and sea-based ingredients that work on perfecting the health of the skin. 

Oceglow’s Water Cream is a moisturizing cream that is 75% natural – made seaweed extract, green tea and Centella – a trinity of anti-ageing active ingredients and hyaluronic acid, It is intended for use for all skin types, especially those in India’s extraordinarily diverse climate. The cream, when it comes in contact with the skin, sets off water bombs which release various botanicals and active mineral ingredients deep into the epidermis of the skin. The result – healthy, youthful and radiant skin that is free of spots, acne and blemishes.

The Glow Serum, already being called the best serum in India by our customers who have used it, has been created to combat the effects of pollution on the skin. A balanced amalgamation of 17% Vitamin complex, 10% Algae, 10% Sodium Hyaluronic acid and other natural ingredients, it helps in hydrating, moisturizing and protecting the skin from toxins, along with making the skin look more youthful with its anti-ageing ingredients. It also works on minimizing dark spots and fine lines on the skin, making the skin texture look and feel smoother. 

So, what are you waiting for you? Add these two natural, organic skincare products to your beauty regime, and watch your skin grow from good to great. Register with us and get a 20% discount on your purchase with the code WELCOME20.