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Hydration Combo Offer
  • Hydration Combo Offer
  • Hydration Combo Offer
  • Hydration Combo Offer

Hydration Combo Offer (50 ml + 30 ml )

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Oceglow Water Cream – An ultimate water booster that gives your skin a nourished and an ultra hydrated look every day. It may appear as a normal cream but when you touch, it ruptures into a water bomb releasing various botanicals and other active mineral ingredients deep into the epidermis of the skin. The cream also consists of beads containing panthenol and beta glucan ready to penetrate into your skin leaving a balanced glowy skin.The patent formula of the cream acts as an anti sebum complex- the best way to unclog pores. It is a multipurpose product formulated without any harsh ingredients, thereby boosting its effectiveness.

Glow Serum - This serum is a popular choice to combat sensitivity to external irritants. It has anti-ageing properties which aids in further nourishing and giving a long-lasting radiant glow to your skin, making you look youthful.It is a booster in tandem with the rest of your skin-care routine to counteract desert-levels of parched-ness with its exceptional soothing and hydrating properties. It is mineral oil free, suitable for all skin types.

  • no petroleum
  • no synthetic
  • no Gluten
  • no Phthalate
  • no sulphate
  • Fights key signs of ageing
  • Reveals a smoother, radiant and younger look
  • Gives a plump and supple skin
  • Soothes agitated skin
  • Suitable for all skin types
Ideal For
  • Visible age prevention
  • Dryness, dehydration
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Dullness, loss of radiance
How To Use
  • Use twice a day morning and evening
  • Dispense 1-2 pumps on your fingers and gently massage onto the skin
  • Apply this thin layer of Vitamin Complex Brightening Glow Serum to cleanse your skin

Key Ingredients

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